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An app that can save your life

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What is SmartEMS?

SmartEMS is a proprietary new app providing the smartest way to get people the help they need
In the event of a medical emergency, an ambulance is alerted with the touch of a button. SmartEMS is a simple to use app that
enables anyone to easily and intuitively choose the hospital they are taken to in the event of an mergency,
while also notifying their loved ones.

emergency contacts

Emergency contacts

When you press the big red button your
emergency contacts will be notified
that an ambulance was requested

choose hospital

Choose a hospital

SmartEMS lets you select
the hospital you were
taken to in an emergency

ambulance tracking

Ambulance tracking

It will track the ambulance on route
to your locations giving alerts as to
how long it will take them to arrive

medical history

Medical history

SmartEMS lets you pre-register your
list of medications, medical history,
allergies, insurance and more

The fastest and most effective emergency call at the touch of a button

No one knows when an emergency will occur but with the SmartEMS app you can be sure that if you ever have need to call for an ambulance you will get the best possible care from state certified and licensed emergency personnel that are available 24/7 365


Smart EMS 911 - an app that can save your life
and the life of your loved ones

More than 250 million emergency calls are made each year, but two-thirds have inaccurate location information. As a result, about 10,000 people die.

Currently, the 911 emergency system in the United States is complex. The time required to communicate with the dispatcher, explaining the situation, and clarifying data can sometimes cost precious time.

One of the limiting factors of using the standard 911 system is that the caller needs to explain to the dispatcher what is happening. What if someone can not speak or the person is in a state of shock or he does not know English? Our application has overcome these limitations.

Quick response

Our app is an effective and efficient communication system during a life-threatening emergency, with data transferred from your phone directly to the medical office in a matter of seconds.

Your loved ones will be contacted immediately

When you press the emergency button, your family will receive an SMS message about the ambulance call and, thanks to gps-tracking, they will be able to control the location of the ambulance from receiving the call to arrival at the hospital.

You will be taken to the hospital and doctors of your choice

When you call an ambulance you have a chance to choose the hospital, which is not possible when using the 911 service.

Smart EMS is your medical records card in one application

When creating an account, you enter the entire case history, possible allergies, a list of hospitals
and doctors, which must be addressed in separate cases.


An Easy And Intuitive Way
To Get An Ambulance

The main page displays a large red “Get An Ambulance”
button to easily and intuitively allow those in need to alert
emergency services in the event of an emergency


Reliable Data Protection

SmartEMS app keeps all your personal information
secure using the latest technological security tools and
will newer share your information with third parties ever


Opportunity To Prepare Before,
An Emergency Occurs

With large, easy-to-see buttons, even seniors can easily
pre-register their preferred doctors, hospitals, medical
history, allergies and emergency contacts along with other
important information before an emergency takes place


Application for several members

With the help of the application, you can call an ambulance
not only for yourself, but also for the people you care about
using the function "Add Additional Member"